Thursday, March 22, 2007

What if Ron Paul does win?

I believe that Ron Paul will scare the living daylights out of the powers-that-be and has a better chance of winning than most pundits think. The amusement factor alone from an 18-month spectacle of political debate between a principled man committed to liberty and the other fakes and frauds is likely to be worth the price of admission. ...

... The main question to consider is not “Can he win?” but “What if he does win?” The potential to slow the inevitable collapse of the state into bankruptcy may do more harm than good in the long run by giving people false hope that “the system can work,” if only for a short time. Hopefully, I am wrong and he really can clean up government, ending the naked exploitation of what remains of free society by the well-connected few. This, however, is tilting at windmills.

The self-delusion isn’t that he could maybe win the election, it’s that he could do anything of substance if he actually did win. After Leviathan steamrolls him ... along with every good man who ever went to Washington, D.C. on a white horse, then President Ron Paul being “in-charge” (of the continuing expansion of state control and intervention leading to said collapse) should prove once and for all to anybody with a smidgen of analytical ability that our political problems are systemic and not due to personnel issues.

So I do hope he runs and wins. Not because I think that he will strike through the root of evil, but because I know that he can’t. The na├»ve notion that the Constitution is a cage for politicians, and that a brave politician-tamer can just push them back into that cage and close the door makes windmills look like giants. This illusion should be shattered by a President Ron Paul Administration. George Will was right; Ron Paul is an anachronism, because Will knows exactly how the system works with or without Ron Paul.

~ Mark Davis, "Ron Quixote"

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Jon Luker said...

Interesting perspective. Either way, if Ron Paul wins we'll know something's afoot.